Yo en Madrid

Senior Illustrator & Concept Artist at Films

Creative Branding and Advertising. 

Graphic & Industrial Designer.

Musician, Artist and Writer.
From Spain & Venezuela.


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Concept Art at films

Senior Concept Artist & Illustrator + Storyteller & Writer

Sketch & Storyboard Artist + Character & Landscape Designer.

Digital Artist & Rapid Painter + Visual Effects Creative  

Pre-visualization key in pre-production of filmmaking.

Adobe Photoshop + illustrator

SketchBook + SketchUp + Z-Brush

Final Cut Pro +Logic Pro

Pencil, Ink, paper & speed

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Luckily musician, illustrator and conceptual artist who I am. I live in a movie in my mind as a filmmaker in perception, a graphic designer by vocation, reactionary by default. Entrepreneur by trial and error, cartoonist by passion, creative always at the same time to work on what I love the most, in all this.

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Each of these paintings represents a Zone in the world that is in crisis.

Persuading individuals and conscience building is the beginning of creating a critical mass of public opinion in support of active national and international efforts to enact genuinely effective actions, which will reduce global pollution and solve climate change.


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Musician luckily.

Dicen mis amigos que soy músico, yo insisto que soy entusiasta.

Edgar Jimenez P. SM

Thanks - Gracias